Silo Repair

Any discrepancies found during the silo inspection can be addressed and repaired by our silo repair crews who have over 30 years experience in silo repairs, cleaning and maintenance.

Our silo repair team will develop an affordable plan to repair your silos or bins. Better yet,  it will provide for additional silo life at the fraction of the cost of building a new silo.

Silo Repair Services

Cost Effective Solutions

"I would like to express my appreciation for your services regarding the inspection and repairs on our stave salt silos. The silos look to be restored to almost new condition and should last for years."

Charles M.

Silo Services
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Our scope of repair work includes post tensioning, replacing hoops on stave silos, patching spalls and cracks as well as applying cementitious coatings for protective and cosmetic purposes.

We would invite you to learn more about our silo repair service by contacting us at 888.559.2866.