Cleaning of material build-up

Inspection of structural integrity and flow design by a certified professional engineer experienced in industrial silo repair

Repair of structural integrity

Retrofit of existing loading and discharge

Silo Post Tensioning replacing delaminated rebar

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"SiloSource's enthusiasm and professionalism remained high throughout the duration of the project. I have found your staff, both office and on-site personal, always ready and willing to accommodate FMC's objectives."

E. Williams
HSE Specialist
FMC Corporation


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Silos and bins are as important as the supporting equipment in the movement of materials, and their maintenance and upkeep is equally as important, not only to maintain the flow of material, but to prolong the life of the vessel. Due to our extensive experience with silos and bins, we have concluded that a preventative maintenance program is vital to fault-free operation. Our People are experienced with all types of bulk containers including vessels constructed of concrete or metal (aluminum, carbon, or stainless), utilizing cast in place, corrugated, stave, bolted or welded designs.
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